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A Whale of an Adventure

tripadvisor winnerNo holiday to the South West of WA would be complete without taking the time to viewand photograph the abundant marine and ocean life that thrives along this magnificent coastline.

Naturaliste Charters has been operating professional whale watching tours out of Augusta and Dunsborough for more than 20 years. Cape Naturaliste’s unique location means we are able to offer a six month whale watching season from late May to early December.

Our tours provide visitors with the opportunity to view Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, and the rare Blue and Minke Whales on both their northern and southern migrations.

As you watch these majestic creatures breach and frolic, we guarantee you’ll be mesmerised by their agility. We also carry the latest hydrophonic equipment so you can listen to their haunting, yet beautiful sounds.

Our whale watching vessel Cetacean Explorer is fully equipped with the latest navigational and safety equipment, and provides outstanding viewing opportunities for all those on-board.

Our crew are all trained in marine science and provide expert commentary, while guests enjoy complimentary morning or afternoon tea, including coffee, tea, milo, green tea and biscuits.

Other marine life you might encounter during your whale watching tour include:

  • New Zealand Fur Seals
  • Bottlenose & Common Dolphins
  • Sea Birds

South West Whale Migration

Mid May to August

From early June, the Humpback and Southern Right Whale are sighted in Flinders Bay at Augusta, having left the freezing Antarctic waters for breeding and mating in warmer waters off the Western Australian coast.

On arrival in the bay, the whales are filled with curiosity and pay great attention to the presence of our vessels. On many occasions, these gentle giants have been seen swimming only metres from our boat, delighting both passengers and crew.

What to Wear:

During the winter months it can get quite cold out on the water, which is why we recommend that you bring a warm jacket for your whale watching adventure.

WHALES or next trip FREE!

We have a 99% sighting success rate. However all tours are subject to wildlife we are looking for being there on the day, so in the unlikely event of no whales being sighted you can join us again for FREE!

Please note:

All tours are seasonal and dependent on wildlife, as such the start and finish dates of each season can vary slightly. We will update passengers if and when required. Also please feel free to contact the office directly via phone or email to check on tours.

 Terms and conditions:

If you are wishing to cancel or change your booking you must contact our office at least 24 hours prior to the cruise departing. Cancellations made by guests with at least 24 hours notice will incur a minimum 20% cancellation fee. If cancelled within 24 hours of your cruise departing or no notification is given you will be charged the full amount. Full refunds will only be given if weather is unfavourable on the day and Naturaliste Charters have to cancel the tour for safety reasons. No refunds are given if you have been out on a tour. Whales are free-roving mammals so in the unlikely event of no whales being sighted you can join us again for free. Our “No Whale Re-visit” offer is valid between 1st June and 30th November.