KILLER WHALES in Western Australia

Orca SurgeThe magnificent Orca have blessed us with their presence once again out at the Bremer Canyon this year! Visitors coming from all over the world to experience this first-hand… for the chance to see Killer Whales in the wild… free, happy and healthy in this wondrous marine hotspot. We’ve had regular visits from familiar pods each year, which has resulted in excellent data for scientific research, as well as a passionate joy from crew and regular passengers who recognise the individuals warmly. The curiosity and unique behaviour of the Killer Whales is always fascinating to observe. Check out the Facebook page ‘Bremer Bay Canyon Killer Whale Expeditions’ for all the latest updates.
We’ve also been having excellent sightings of Sperm Whales, more than ever this season! Plus Dolphins, NZ Fur Seals, Sea Lions, Sharks, Oceanic Sunfish, Giant Squid, various species of Albatross and other seabirds, and a rare sighting of a Fin Whale! We are constantly in awe of the natural treasures of this rich life-force in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. A big thanks to all who have come on board and participated in the citizen science research project. The season is not over yet! There’s still plenty to see. What a great experience to tick off the Bucket List or nice break away for the Easter Holidays.

BOOKINGS are open into mid APRIL for your opportunity to see Killer Whales in 2017!!

PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Lightbody

Whale Watching 2016

whale13What a brilliant season its been!! The WHALES were abundant in the Southwest this year – so heartwarming to see the numbers increasing. And the interaction had been truly awesome!

 The whale watching season has come to a close for the year although there could be a few strays lingering on their migration south. We’ll be sure to look out for them on our Eco Wilderness Tours!

 Some highlights from the 2016 whale watching season:

•January- We kicked of the year with Eco Tours in beautiful Geographe Bay, Dunsborough. Soaking up the sunshine and sighting DOLPHINS, SEALS, ALBATROSS and the enjoying the stunning coastline in the popular Margaret River region.

•January to April – KILLER WHALES! Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition went off like hotcakes! The only expedition of its kind in all of Australia. Amazing interaction and sightings of the magnificent ORCA! And pleased to see the return of familiar faces and fins! Really cool research going on out at the Bremer Canyon and a dedicated team aiming to preserve this unique eco-system. So much wildlife out there! SPERM WHALES, BOTTLENOSE and COMMON DOLPHINS, LONG-FINNED PILOT WHALES, GRAY’S BEAKED WHALE, OCEANIC SUNFISH, TUNA, AUSTRALIAN SEA LIONS, NEW ZEALAND FUR SEALS, a variety of ALBATROSS, FLESH-FOOTED SHEARWATER, AUSTRALASIAN GANNET, WHITE-FACED STORM PETREL, WILSON’S STORM PETREL and SHARKS.

•May – Eco Wilderness Tours departing from Augusta just prior to the opening of Whale Watching season. We were blessed to see 2 MINKE WHALES! Plus crested terns and the gannets were working the water and cruised past the seal colony. And then we saw 5 HUMPBACK whales including a breaching Humpback! That’s a great sign its going to be a good season ahead.

•June to August – AUGUSTA in Winter – Excellent whale interaction, often coming upon HUMPBACK whales close to the Boat Harbour. We even had a rare and unexpected sighting of a BLUE whale! Unusual in that location. And of course the SOUTHERN RIGHT whales thrilled our guests with their gentle friendly presence, massive mothers and young calves resting in Flinders Bay. A lovely WHITE WHALE calf came up to say hello several times. Lots of DOLPHINS too.

•September to November – DUNSBOROUGH in Spring – The full migration came a bit later than normal but wow once they got here it was magnificent! Started off with a surprise visit from some MINKE whales and then so many HUMPBACK whales cruising through Geographe Bay!! The beautiful BLUE whale blessed us with more visits this year than ever, and for a longer period of time. We’re all so happy to see the numbers of whales increasing. Regular sightings of SEALS and DOLPHINS. And the WHITE WHALE made another appearance.

•Naturaliste Charters were thrilled to have a 100% sighting success rate for the Whale Watching season right up to the last couple of days in November. Excellent season indeed!

•December – Just at the end of the season we had a BLUE WHALE come up right beside the boat.. cool video on Facebook if you want to check it out, posted on December 4th. We’re now enjoying some lovely Eco Wilderness Tours and Sunset Tours, plus Private Charters cruising around the crystal clear waters of Geographe Bay.

•Getting excited for Bremer Bay and the KILLER WHALES!! Bookings are flying in fast, days are filling up and we can’t wait to get out there again!

We’ve had a fabulous year! Thanks for sharing it with us. Many blessings to you over the Festive Season and a very Happy New Year!!