KILLER WHALES in Western Australia

Orca SurgeThe magnificent Orca have blessed us with their presence once again out at the Bremer Canyon this year! Visitors coming from all over the world to experience this first-hand… for the chance to see Killer Whales in the wild… free, happy and healthy in this wondrous marine hotspot. We’ve had regular visits from familiar pods each year, which has resulted in excellent data for scientific research, as well as a passionate joy from crew and regular passengers who recognise the individuals warmly. The curiosity and unique behaviour of the Killer Whales is always fascinating to observe. Check out the Facebook page ‘Bremer Bay Canyon Killer Whale Expeditions’ for all the latest updates.
We’ve also been having excellent sightings of Sperm Whales, more than ever this season! Plus Dolphins, NZ Fur Seals, Sea Lions, Sharks, Oceanic Sunfish, Giant Squid, various species of Albatross and other seabirds, and a rare sighting of a Fin Whale! We are constantly in awe of the natural treasures of this rich life-force in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. A big thanks to all who have come on board and participated in the citizen science research project. The season is not over yet! There’s still plenty to see. What a great experience to tick off the Bucket List or nice break away for the Easter Holidays.

BOOKINGS are open into mid APRIL for your opportunity to see Killer Whales in 2017!!

PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Lightbody