Environmental Research

At Naturaliste Charters, we are passionate about the environment and preserving the beautiful, pristine wilderness we call home here in the Southwest of Western Australia.  We participate and contribute to a number of environmental initiatives, including:

The Bremer Canyon Project

bremer bay killer whales

Naturaliste Charters is delighted to be involved with Dave Riggs of Riggs Australia in the Bremer Canyon Project.

About the Project

The Bremer Canyon is an amazing deepwater ecosystem that has proven to be one of the few locations on our planet that offshore killer whales can be reliably encountered throughout the Australian summer months. Visit Riggs Australia Bremer Canyon website to find out more

Between January 2005 and 2012 Riggs Australia participated in an oceanic survey looking at the abundance of bluefin tuna off the coast of southern West Australia. To quote Dave Riggs:

In a small geographical location some 30 miles from shore and several nautical miles over the edge of the continental shelf adjacent to the seaside town of Bremer Bay, we consistently observed large aggregations of the oceans most revered apex predators including killer whales, sperm whales, giant squid and sharks.

Our first dedicated expedition to the site took place between the 12th February and the 3rd of March 2013.

What we have uncovered since is much much more than we could ever possibly have imagined. This oceanic hotspot appears to derive its lifeblood from a massive deepsea fuel deposit that is leaking into the water column and fertilising a huge area of the surrounding ocean.

Humpback whale research in Geographe Bay and Flinders Bay

Western Whale Research

Save Our Marine Life

Curtin University